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Blum Interface
        Blum, an Austrian company manufacturing fittings for kitchen and furniture cabinets, offers a design software called Dynaplan to its clients. Dynaplan enables users to configure cabinets, choosing the door, drawer layout and quantity.
Once the cabinet is configured, the software gives a bill of fittings ready to order and Cadwork can import the data in order to move to the CNC fabrication of all panels needed.
Cadwork can import BXF files which is a proprietary file format from Blum. Cadwork not only imports the shape of each panel but also processes needed for fittings.
For Example, drillings and routings required for the hinges as well as all drillings required for shelves supports and drawers' mechanism are imported.
Although the import function is already available, Cadwork is working on an export function to Dynaplan which, in conjunction with the Variant module, will be a tremendous feature to populate a kitchen or a room with appropriate cabinets' sizes.
This export function will be available in the next Cadwork version which will be released this fall. Here is another reason to call Cadwork a “whole house” solution!!
Check out our demo video here
For more information about Dynaplan, click here 
To install Dynaplan, please contact your Blum representative.
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