"Traditionally, the tree is a symbol of the union between earth and sky. "
This is the basic philosophy of the designers of "Biorchiarchitectura". Using a natural material like wood is a synonym of simplicity and functionality.
This project (license 2009A0020 PG), created and developed by specialists of the company bioarchitecture, is the result of a study that combines the applications of the house in glulam, on the same principle as the log home. With a difference in this case, the elements are self-supporting spherical surface that forms the structure of the house.
The elements of the structure are made ​​of curved beams in glulam with different radii. Each of these pieces was then cut and each of angles varies depending on the position of the structure.
These profiles, BHS 160, are made from fir. The maximum cross-section elements is 160 x 160mm. With such dimensions, it was possible to have a volume of 50 m in diameter and a height of 25 meters.
The spherical shape of the structure guarantees on one hand to be sophisticated and aesthetic, while at the same time, excellent stability.
The basic idea was to get a completely environmentally friendly building, combined with excellent physical and mechanical properties of wood, with great flexibility.
The wooden elements BHS, with the thickness of 160 mm and their physical characteristics, can avoid using other means for thermal and acoustic insulation.
During assembly, these elements can be assembled with other methods (screws, glue, bolts, joints or socket).
06123 Perugia (Italia) 
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