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Interfaces for data exchange


cadwork is a 3D CAD/CAM system which offers you a global solution; from architectural planning to design right through to the fabrication all without any teadious interfacing. It's a definite advantage which should not be underestimated compared to a non-integraded solution and has a tremendous impact in terms of efficiency, costs saving.

 However, your collaboration with other companies require compatibility with other CAD systems. To ensure compatibility in 2D or 3D, cadwork supports the following file formats:
  • With IFC, we can exchange complete 3D models with Archicad, AutoCAD and other programs.
  •  The SAT format is a data exchange format defined by Spatial. With the help of this interface, its possible to import and continue to work in 3D construction with AutoCAD, VectorWorks... ( ex.: cadwork machine interface) 
  • With the DTH interface which is geared towards wood construction, the data exchange for important properties like beam axis, material, groups etc. is included.


  •  3D models can be exported using the IGES interface (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) or using the DXF/DWG interface. cadwork can also import DXF/DWG.
  • With the help of HLI (High level interface), the building models from architectural software like ArCon, Speedikon or Spirit can be loaded and thanks to the Element module, all panel components can be generated. 
  • cadwork also supports exchange of data with engineering programs such as RSTAB with the STEP/STP format. 
  • cadwork has an interface which directly supports the costing system Vi2000 from the Softwareparadies company. This allows for the direct acquisition of construction data from the costing software.
  • The BTL interface made for the transfer of data to CNC machines can also be imported by cadwork. This way, the constructions coming from different CAD can be imported in cadwork 3D.
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